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Our Story

Net Law Group, Inc.

A Delaware corporation (the “Corporation”) was formed on May 29, 2012.

The founding shareholders, Jamie Hargrove and Roger Madden (“Original Shareholders”), originally assigned from their law firm, Hargrove Madden LLP (now known as Hargrove Firm LLP) to the Corporation the suite of estate planning documents and the web-based portal previously in operation at Hargrove Madden LLP.  They are joined by co-founder, Alex Hargrove, current CTO and creator of the American Bar Association award winning platform that gave rise to NetLaw.

NetLaw started because it believed consumers needed a portal focused exclusively on estate planning to counter the online “document” companies that provide every kind of legal document. So for example, NetLaw does not have divorce documents, bankruptcy documents, apartment leases, etc. The goal was not to provide an online service for everyone.  It didn’t need to capture everyone. Millennials, for example, are turning age 37 this year and in 10 years, 47 years of age. Millennials want to handle transactions online, not in person.  It is estimated that as much as 60% of the US population do not have a Last Will & Testament and possibly as many as 90% do not have a complete up-to-date estate plan.

To date, NetLaw is business-to-business only service. NetLaw generally does not market directly to consumers.

NetLaw is not a law firm and does not provide legal services.

“I have been very impressed with the organization and professionalism exhibited by Netlaw and its staff members. They take a progressive approach to estate planning, and provide valuable assistance to individuals who are uncertain as to who to contact for their estate planning.”

Adam L. Abrahams, Esquire, The Abrahams Law Firm

Our Mission Statement

Take care of tomorrow, today.

NetLaw was founded in 2012 with one vision: to transform the way legal services are delivered. From this vision, the NetLaw Platform was born – enabling the average American to generate and share basic estate planning documents to voice their wants and wishes. Before the idea of online estate planning, NetLaw was already pioneering this concept to enhance and transform the estate planning industry. Before NetLaw, individuals were either spending countless resources to develop their estate planning documents, or not completing their documents at all. NetLaw believes that everyone should have access to complete the basic estate planning documents. Today, NetLaw educates individuals on the importance of these documents and offers an easy solution for every one to complete them.

NetLaw delivers an affordable, efficient solution to businesses, which encourages their customers, patients, and employees to take care of tomorrow, today.