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Non-Profit & Philanthropy

NetGift provides an integrated system, tools, and services to delegate a donor-first fundraising strategy for all non-profit and charitable organizations. Considering that close to 85% of Americans when asked whether they wanted to leave something to charity when they died, answered ‘Yes,’ this space is integral since less than a third of Americans actually have a Last Will & Testament. Studies have shown of the roughly 30% of Americans who have a Last Will & Testament, only about 5-9% included a charitable bequest. Then, the NetGift solution provides the motivational factor by providing free online Last Will and Testament preparation tools and services, that will then provide charitable organizations with an excellent medium to broadcast purpose, provide users with free legal counseling and are directly asked to leave bequests.

  • Last Will & Testament

    Directs how minor children and property are to be taken care of and by whom

  • Children's/Grandchildren's Trusts

    Included in Last Will & Testament

  • Durable Financial Power of Attorney

    Names and authorizes who is to make financial decisions when you are not able to do so

  • Healthcare Surrogate Designation

    Names the person responsible for making healthcare decisions when you are no longer able to do so

  • HIPAA Authorization

    Grants another person(s) access to your private medical and mental health information

  • Advance Directive / Living Will

    Makes known to others your intention for the use of life support

  • Pet Trust

    Designates a caretaker and money for the care of your pet in the event you are no longer around

  • Revocable Living Trust/ Probate Avoidance

    Keeps the estate settlement out of the public process of probate

  • LifeVault

    100GB Cloud Storage


  • Provides an innovative approach to traditional charities, churches, foundations and philanthropic organizations
  • Ensures the opportunity to leave a bequest to any preferable charitable organization​
  • Helps prevent billions of dollars of assets from going into probate ​
  • Ability to purchase a full NetLaw estate planning package at a reduced price of $400​


  • FREE Living Will Document to offer potential and current donors​
  • Automatically reports bequest anonymously to partner with individual (with permission) or aggregated view​
  • Prompts users to leave a bequest after document completion​
  • Guided document preparation with SmartGuides​
  • Store and access documents via LifeVault on mobile and desktop​