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Many changes occur as a child turns 18 and pursues higher education. The biggest change, however, comes in the form of legal responsibilities and freedom as they are now considered a legal adult. This also means that parents of these young adults can no longer make legal decisions or retrieve private information about them without written consent. While not a huge concern to some, there have been extreme cases where families were not notified or given crucial information regarding their child’s health or educational welfare in an emergency.

What makes NetStudent an effective solution is that it provides legal documentation specifically for educational institutions, parents, and students with a few simple clicks! It also introduces parents of new incoming students to address their own estate planning needs, and the opportunity to explore planned giving programs to ensure their child’s future.

  • Durable Financial Power of Attorney

    Names and authorizes who is to make financial decisions when you are not able to do so

  • Healthcare Surrogate Designation

    Names the person responsible for making healthcare decisions when you are no longer able to do so

  • HIPAA Authorization

    Grants another person(s) access to your private medical and mental health information

  • Advance Directive / Living Will

    Makes known to others your intention for the use of life support

  • FERPA Consent

    Allows student educational information to be accessed by a parent(s)

  • LifeVault

    100GB Cloud Storage


  • Easily acquire legal documentation to ensure financial security of newly adult children
  • Easily acquire vital healthcare documentation for newly adult children
  • Enhanced enrollment experience for parents, students, and administrators
  • Ability to explore additional estate planning and charitable giving opportunities for parents and universities


  • Seamless integration with existing Student Portal
  • Guided document preparation with SmartGuides
  • An internal customer support team facilitating our Consumer Satisfaction Process
  • Store and access documents via LifeVault on mobile and desktop