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Financial Services

NetLawPro utilizes the same revolutionary platform and technology that allows customers to quickly and affordably create their own estate plans. However, what sets NetLawPro apart is that it offers the unique advantage of financial professionals (agents) that can supplement estate planning documents with other valuable provisions, hassle-free, to assist with covering many essential needs of an underserved population. 

If you have a passion for helping others and/or work in financial services, NetLaw Pro is definitely for you.


  • The ability to add a supplementary product sells to assist with any client needs
  • Great commission base and additional incentivized awards​
  • Generate new leads and referrals from clients needing additional services​
  • The opportunity to expand portfolio with NetLaw marketing assistance ​


  • Countless marketing resources, training videos, webinars to ensure success​
  • Guided document preparation with SmartGuides
  • An internal customer support team facilitating our Consumer Satisfaction Process
  • NetLaw mobile application for building and managing contacts​