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Like NetLaw, NetDraft was developed in-house by leading attorneys. However, the NetDraft solution is specifically designed for lawyers to utilize in their practices. It provides more a more complex document and drafting options than our consumer version. Simply add a client, select a document, complete a guided form, and print. This allows for NetDraft users to adapt and deliver consistent results with a streamlined, online process. In fact, this online process software was recognized by the American Bar Association as the most innovative online legal service product in the country in 2012.


  • Have access award-winning documents that are recognized in all 50 states
  • Easily print perfectly formatted documents while avoiding other errors
  • Drastically save time with the option of creating multiple documents at one time
  • The ability to set fixed rates for common documents, like a Living Trust due to streamlined process


  • A drafting library of sophisticated wills and trusts, with client letters and instructions for document completion
  • Guided document preparation with SmartGuides
  • A drafting kit with optional clauses, articles, and other customization available for advanced practitioners
  • Store and share documents via LifeVault on mobile and desktop