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At its core, NetLaw Platform is a state-of-the-art online estate planning solution.
Building on this solution we help businesses and nonprofits better market to a digitally native audience by providing interlinked services, components and complete white-labeled applications, so they can enhance existing or offer completely new digital products.

Product Features

Cross Platform

Work on the fly, on any device, wherever you are.

No Installation

App is loaded from our servers to your browser so no installation is required.

Feels Like an App

Powered by your browser, using the latest web standards, the solution acts and feels like a native app.

Always Up-To-Date

Latest and greatest - no updates required. When app updates you'll get the latest version automatically.

Secure Encrypted Storage

Your documents and private files are securely stored and are accessible from anywhere.

Two-Factor Authentication

Choose a level of security you are the most comfortable with, from passwordless login to two-step authentication.

Intuitive Virtual Interview

Patent pending SmartGuide™ interview enables you to easily create a variety of documents by answering easy-to-understand questions.

Attorney-Grade Documents

Our multistate document library was created and reviewed by local attorneys across the United States. Constant updates go through the same rigorous process.

A++ User Experience

Easy-to-use interface, tailored for an average person without any prior legal education or knowledge. Questions are easy to answer and we make sure you never answer the same one twice.

Lightning Fast

You won't believe it till you see it (and you won't be the first one to say so!).

White Labeling

Tailored for easy integration and customization based on your organization’s visual identity and needs.

Developer Friendly

The whole platform is API based and your developers will have the power to build completely new apps.

Custom Tailored to Your Business Needs

Service backed and independent discrete building blocks enable you to customize document creation workflows. Your imagination is the only limit. See it for yourself, choose a business model:


Empower your supporters to easily donate and make bequests benefiting you.

Insurance Provider

Upsell and market your insurance products to new and existing customers.

Employee Benefits

Take care of your existing employees and make yourself more appealing to potential hires.

Healthcare Provider

Digitize patient intake forms and allow them to manage their healthcare representatives.

White Labeling

Branding has never been easier. Our engine enables you to make it your own in just a few simple steps. Try it for yourself:


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